This is Where I Want to Be: the Ross Geller and Rachel Green fanlisting

Rules (read this first!)

Please read the following rules before joining Where I Want to Be, the Ross Geller and Rachel Green fanlisting.

  1. You must be a fan of Ross Geller and Rachel Green.
  2. You must provide us with a valid, working email address and a country. If the automatic signup email that is sent to you bounces back to us with reasons other than a full mailbox, your application in the pending members queue will be deleted.
  3. If possible, please provide your real first name or nickname (please do not include family/last names).

    If you are using a screen name, that is fine as long as it's not something like ~SuGaRhUnNiE14344~ and Hermione Granger, or something offensive. Screen names will be allowed only on a case-to-case basis; I am relatively lenient as long as it is not blatantly ridiculous.

    I retain the right to change your name on the fanlisting if I deem it inappropriate.
  4. A Website is not required, but if you DO have a website and you want it to be listed on the site:
    1. The Website has to be yours (and is currently working). You do NOT own,, and other such sites. If you submit a site like this, I retain the right to refuse to list your website with your information.
    2. Please link back to the Ross Geller and Rachel Green fanlisting (, using a text link or a link button. This is not required, but very highly appreciated.
    3. Your site must be free from offensive content (i.e., excessive swearing, pornography, hentai, etc.).
    4. If you wish to use a link button/image to link back to the fanlisting, you must upload the button to your own space and access it from there. No direct linking; you won't get anything anyway, as I have hotlink protection up.
  5. You may provide any dummy password you like, but I cannot retrieve these passwords for you myself as they are encrypted into the database. They can only be reset for retrieval if you forget your password, and this requires you to have a working email address for the generated password to be sent to you. The passwords are only for your convenience when updating your information.


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